SETCARE Standard

Our proprietary AI & Algorithmic tools use existing infrastructure to maximize functionality in Risk Mitigation, Assessment, and Avoidance for our Healthcare Administrators.

About Our Team

The SETCARE team combines a total of 100+ years within Healthcare Administrative offices, Clinical Spaces, and Software IP development and deployment. 

Our team understands the increasing challenges healthcare administrators face, so the solution is simple and cost modeled to fit your administrative objectives. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure and informatic systems within the facility for minimal to no equipment additions. As well as our AI & ML algorithms built to speak your facilities languages. This translates to no downtime, and swift implementation including training and policy assistance from our team.

Key Insights


A vital piece in creating a secure and healthy environment is registration of all assets and personnel checking-in or returning to the facility. This provides visibility and focus into threat and emergency prevention.


Through Unique Triggers and Alerts and Asset Mapping, the SETCARE Platform provides visibility into the movement and interaction of all approved/unapproved assets within a facility. Protecting your facility from Red Flag Listed Personnel and Visitors.


Administrative Analytics ensures stakeholders can utilize data sets to enhance personnel and visitor experience, prevent lost wages on key equipment and inventory.


Our Platform ensures Healthcare administrators know all vital information on key personnel inside each healthcare facility in real-time, as well as historically for forensic and risk mitigation purposes.

Real-Time Cross-
Facility Mapping
Access Control
Unique Triggers
and Alerts
Data and Analytics