Administrative Analytics

Visitor and Asset Mapping

  • Shows real-time location data of all individuals for external and internal security from one custom interface visible by all necessary parties.
  • Application dashboard and facility floor plans indicate the number and location of known and unknown persons in the facility by type allowing security to focus on unknowns.
  • Identify and locate all equipment within the facility to provide accurate inventory and location information. Within 3ft accuracy based on the strength of existing equipment.

Location Analytics and Reporting

  • Administrative Analytics data is available to highlight in real-time personnel, visitors, and even equipment heatmaps across all facilities. Providing key insights to on-site activities and utilizations for forensic objectives.


  • Integration with most healthcare information and security systems via custom API to aid in visibility, and emergency response all under one interface.
  • Interoperability¬†with existing infrastructure and equipment, creating a comprehensive system with no equipment-heavy implementation.

Visitor and Personnel Management

  • The Visitor registration application incorporates a proprietary rules-based AI system that utilizes staff and visitor personal phones or a communication device.
  • Register, Validate and Locate all Personnel on site to ensure safety and visibility.


Intruder and Red Flag Detection

  • Our solution provides the facility with the tools to prevent red flag listed visitors and unregistered visitors into the facility.
  • Integration into First Responder and known offender databases to prevent Red Flag individuals from entering the facility.

Crisis Management

  • Unique Facility based Triggers and alerts based on zones, asset, and personnel categories to prevent and respond to crisis swiftly and accurately.
  • Knowledge of who, where, and the phone number of almost everyone in the facility. In the event of a facility emergency or security issue, the staff and visitor system allow for direct phone text messaging and alerts to an individual, a group, a specific zone, or the entire facility in seconds.